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Meet the enemy

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Senior OC BOINC User
Apr 17, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico
Here is the link to the Number 1 Team of Crunchers:

Team Lamb Chop of Ars Technicahttp://tlc.hagabard.com/index.htm

To put it mildly, they produce 5000+ WU each day, and in they're top 100 thay say "Hardware freaks with more computing power than many small nations".....


I don't know if the other 24 top members are this big, but it will be a serious efford if we want to reach this place
Getting to number 1 will definately be a challenge. The numbers for those top teams can be very deceiving - yes they over a million results returned, but also look at the membership.

The numbers below are for time period Jul 19 - 29
#1 Team ARS 8,438 daily 4239 members 1.99 wu per mem
#4 Compaq 3,138 daily 759 members 4.13 wu per mem
#5 MacAddict 2,167 daily 5080 members .42 wu per mem
#7 Art Bell 2,624 daily 11808 members .22 wu per mem
#8 Germany 6,444 daily 3608 members 1.79 wu per mem
#11 FR Team 3,915 daily 2052 members 1.91 wu per mem
#12 Planetary 3,288 daily 1710 members 1.92 wu per mem

#76 OC Seti 1,768 daily 558 members 3.17 wu per mem

By my calculations, by the end of this year OC Seti will be in the top 50.

A hell of an accomplishment, considering that just a couple of months ago OC seti wasn't even in the top 100.

2002 we go for the top 25.
Blast from the Past

Just thought I would dust this off to show what we have accomplished in four short months. It is amazing to see this team work so well. Keep it up guys you are doing great, give er all she's got :cool:

isn't it cool to look back thru old threads? I do that sometimes over at the Pond just to see what we have and where we have gone.

the thing that bothers me about Team Lamb Chop is the number of people they have on their team. I would be willing to bet a dollar (big money) that half the people (if not more) are only on that team because it is number one.
You are probably right.

By the way - OC seti team has jumped in front of the frogs again. benz dumped his cache and OC has a 400 WU lead again.;)