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MEG X570 ACE Bios update m.2 mrb boot

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Apr 12, 2003
Hello all just moved over to team Red . Love the motherboard tested it now and all good . Like the way it still boots sorts its self out after putting wrong settings in bios . Had a few quirky boards .

I had to flash bios even though it said was ready for cpu on box 5950 . Tried 5 usb sticks all just did the 3 flash and nothing . Until i used rufus to formate then just worked . That was 32Gb usb 3 i remember paying £70 for it years ago as it was just out :screwy::rofl: so rufus for the win .

I put 2 x m.2 in slot 2 and 3 raid0 all ok . Benched ok i cant remember all numbers crystal disc 6500 read 3000 write i think . But decided to swap to slot 1 and 2 . Then mbr error installing win 10 no clue as to why its mbr as had no problem before . After trying everything i could even changing to gpt cmd . All it took was to ignor that instal the 3 drivers CC on end as its none vga and not mobile . And all good .
Raid drivers page 55 https://www.amd.com/system/files/TechDocs/53987_1.pdf

Happy chappy indeed not many pics sorry


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I dont buy MSI products anymore over horrendous service after sale. But with my Asus boards to use the bios flashback, I have to use a 16gb or smaller usb and format as fat32 and it then works just fine.
Looks like an impressive build
MSI service has been fine for me. While hearing people's horror stories are important, it's even more critical to realize that poor experiences aren't remotely the norm and an overwhelming majority of customer service interactions go just fine. ;)

That said, unless you need the increased throughput from the R0 step, I would just keep two different drives... just no point to R0 and it raises risk for failure. Regardless, looks like a sweet build!
Nothing important on it . And up till now never had R0 fail omg cant believe i typed that asking for trouble .
Got a couple of days to play see what it can do . Ran few quick tests all ok . 6900XT comes tomorrow yay

Omg that doesnt soung good . I hope i dont get to find out :eek:

In the EU it looks a bit different. Each country has its own support and they usually fix everything in 2 weeks. It was much worse a couple of years ago. The same ASUS EU support is better nowadays. On the other hand, you can return everything to the store where you purchased the hardware. This is usually better as you may faster receive a product replacement when will be any delay.

The only issue which I see that is repeating on X570 Ace and Unify are problems with audio. Sometimes it requires correct drivers, sometimes the audio is too quiet or there are sound quality issues. It's not a rule but I had some issues on my X570 Unify and later I found many users reporting about the same.
In the last years, I passed Z390I Gaming, Z490I Unify, Z590I Unify, X570 Unify, and some more. There were no issues with motherboards and I was pushing them hard in various tests (other issues that the audio on the X570 Unify).

MSI also improved its products and keeps good quality for even cheaper models (there are always some exceptions). For example, even cheaper MSI motherboards handle all RAM without issues and overclock high. You can't say the same about lower ASUS, ASRock, or Gigabyte motherboards. At least when TUF, Strix, GB Elite, or ASRock Pro/SL hit a wall at ~DDR4-4533/4600, then MSI Tomahawk or anything else at a similar price goes up to DDR4-5000+.

These Q1T1 numbers are pretty good for the R0 setup. Usually, it drops to ~30-40MB/s read in R0.
I like WD SN850 SSD but I see that Samsung 980 Pro is getting cheaper in many stores. I will need one more 500GB SSD soon. Another thing is that I can't really decide how to rebuild my gaming PC. Something is always wrong. After the last rebuild, changing airflow, and some other things, I thought that all will be fine but the hot air is blowing into my face :facepalm: ... in the recent 30°C+ days it's not much fun.
The only issue which I see that is repeating on X570 Ace and Unify are problems with audio
Im ok there all good . Think ive been lucky can get memory 4000/2000 16-16-16-16-32 without tuning as for now i really like the board . My 6900xt came but not well today so have to wait till tomorrow . I see a few dont like fan on mobo but it hardly spins and when does i cant hear it . Ive got lot more reading to do as its a whole new ball game overclocking to what im used to .

Lol 30c hot air another redesign coming up i think . I spent a day on mine and was all neat but now looks like its been dropped its just a mess again