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Feb 5, 2002
Worcester, MA
Is Benz4140 for real? Have his results been verified? I love having him on the team but his times are SOOOO much faster than anyone else! :burn:


Lonely Raven

If you traded with me please leave me Heatware Sen
Feb 2, 2002
Wheaton, IL
Team members have E-mailed SETI asking this to be varified.
I've been doing my own research too.
I thought I had a good lead on how it might be possible to
do sub 1 hour WUs, but all my research has ended in dead


Senior Seti Addict
Jan 15, 2001
Denver, CO
Eric Korpela emailed back and said he would look into it when he had time, but currently the bandwidth problems were occupying most of his time. I wish they would get around to it pretty soon because I have a bad feeling they're going to close his account and he keeps adding a mountain of results that we're going to lose. The longer they wait the more we'll lose.


Nov 3, 2001
Northants, UK
ajnag said:
calculating a work unit in less than an haour is possible

with alpha based computer for exemple

or a cray ;)
( a member of my team had been fired after installing [email protected] on a cray
:( )

4minutes per work unit

With the older clients it was but with 3.03 it is not yet possible on any production CPU. Even people running Seti on SGI Origins and the like are running multiple clients.

You can even run Seti on an S/390 mainframe in a logical partition with Linux. Don't expect sub 1 hour times though.


Jan 9, 2002
you'd think that a guy with that huge of a seti production life would at least drop by his team's forum once a week... Has anyone ever met this dude?

TC you can handle it if we lose him :)

so basically, it seems like we are all goin ???????? until the kids at berkeley can give us an answer....:(