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Memmory performance: 4-way-interleave on K7V

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Hi fellow overclockers. What I know is that running your memmory in 4-way-interleave config. makes it run more MB/s. My problem is I can't find a setting like this on my K7V mobo with bios v.1007. Does anybody know if it's there, and if so, what fancy name the asus guy's have given this function? And is there something known about the advantages of bios v.1008 1beta and if it's safe.

I'm running my athlon 500 at 800 (1/2 cache!) with 2x128mb 133MHz 333 memory rated 7ns. I also have problems configuring this in my bios. When i set to 7ns, it also changes cas to 222, which makes my computer crash in windows. Any suggestions? All suggestions welcome.
Hmm, dunno about the first bit - I'd have expected a 4-way interleave option from Abit. I can't understand why the memory won't run 7ns either - try a different config like 2-2-3 or something, see whether it works. If it's crashing then it probably can't handle those CAS settings, though 7ns memory should be able to. Unlucky, you might have got a bad batch or something - perhaps you could contact the vendor to check whether '7ns' is technically the same as '2-2-2'.