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Memory doesn't work on Asus

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New Member
Nov 27, 2003
Hey guyz i recently just purchased the Mushkin 1gb dual (512x2) level 2 pc3500 for my Asus p4p800. Well for some reason couldnt load windows xp on it, cuz it would come up with a setup error. Well to make long sure short. I installed some pny memory and it works great. After i installed xp , decided to install the mushkin memory back to see what would happen. i installed mushkin one 512mb ram and it booted up fine. i put the other one in and it went crazy, kept restarting. I took out the first 512mb module out to see if one of them memory chip were bad and it booted fine. I was just wondering do you think it is BAD Memory or is it that Mushkin pc3500 level 2 , is too agressive for p4p800 865 chipset since it has a cas latency of 2-2-2.
Any suggestions?


Nov 19, 2003
I'm guessing you've got a bad memory module, but there are a few things you can do to be sure.

First, go into your BIOS and loosen the timings - disable Turbo as well, as this will set the tightest timings if you're not o/c'd.

While you're in the BIOS, disable Legacy USB support. If this isn't disabled, memtest will almost undoubtedly fail.

Next, grab memtest from here:


Make a memtest disk (it has it's own bootable image, so just stick a floppy in the drive and run the program and it'll make the disk for u). If you don't have a floppy drive, you can make a CD image. Reboot w/ the disk in the drive and memtest will start automatically.

Try running all of the tests several times (overnight would be best). You may want to run memtest with on one stick of mem in the comp at a time. Also note that the initial test config runs only the first 5 tests I think, so you'll need to change the settings to use them all. To do this:

Press C for the test config menu

Press 2 for test selection menu

Press 3 for All tests

Hope this helps.



May 3, 2003
Cleveland, GA
I had a weaird experience messing with mine changing out memory. I had been running dual channel for a while and upgraded, but in the course ran single channle for a couple of days. But when I reinstalled to dual I kept getting an error message and windows refused to load. I never figured out why, but I corrected the problem by using system restore and rolling back to when i was runnning dual channle. It rebooted and been running fine since.