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Memory issues PC2700

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Dr. Groveller

New Member
Apr 3, 2002
Okay, majore memory issues

Asus p4s333-M motherboard
p4 1.6A northwood (oc'd to 2136)
cpu FSB/pci ratio 133/33
cpu/mem freq ratio 4:3
2x256 KingMax PC2700 (DDR333MHz) memory

SDRAM configuration (default based on ram)
Cas latency 2T
Ras to Cas 2T
Ras % time 2T
Ras active time 5T

My Bandwith benchmarks from Sandra are HORRIBLE

1445 MB/sec for both tests

Reference system p4 1.6 with PC2100 memory is over 2000 MB/s I should be WAY above that with PC2700

Any help greatly appreciated

Anyone have ANY ideas what's going on?


Mysteriously Changing Senior
Dec 19, 2000
In Thelemac's Basement Eating the Chickens
Welcome to Overclockers.com

The 4:3 setting means your ram is running at 100 MHz and your FSB is at 133. Try the 1:1 setting and your scores will go up a lot. If you get bios version 1.05 you can even run your ram faster at 4:5 even over 133 FSB. I was getting scores around what you are getting with the same board and 4:3 divisor. At 1:1 I got around 2200 MB/sec 222 timing and with 4:5 divisor 2.5,3,3 timings I get 2700 MB/sec! At 4:5 and 145 FSB my ram is at 181 MHz so I had to run slower timings. I just ordered some PC3000 Mushkin ram hoping it will work at 181 MHz with fastest timings.