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memory leakage problem

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Jul 28, 2014
i just built a asus 5930k with 32 gig ram
upon bootup i have 27+ gig of ram free but as programs are run the free memory drops
i can copy large data amounts from drive to drive and just watch the free memory drop to the point it runs out and then i get a low memory error.
i have another exact same build specs with a 4930k that had the same issue and i recall changing a value from something like 16 to 1024 or similiar and it fixed the issue but i cant recall where i made this change at
as the memory drops,it remains and will not increase
i do know it wasn't in the page file or virtual memory

any help would be greatly appreciated...
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You make this sound like a general leakage not any specific program. What OS are you running and was it a registry tweak that fixed it before?
anything done drops available memory but drive to drive does it most,i turned off rapid mode and even to available memory goes to zero the programs stopped crashing.
i don't recall where i made the tweak on my other build which fixed the issue
when memory gets to zero,closing things does not release it from the cache.
im running win 7 64 bit.
Have you done a thorough virus malware scan. This can be a symptom of an unwanted bug.


If that fails to turn up the problem you'll need to identify what is sucking all the memory away from the system. Sounds like something you use or setup has affected you on both systems. Something that may help is to use task manager and go to the process tab. It's not easy to tell what may be the problem here but if you add the "handles" column it can. Most heavy processes may get up to 2-4000 handles. If you see something way outside that range this could be it.
Once you have the task manager open go to the process tab. t the top select view then columns in that drop down. In the next window you should be able to find handles. Put a check in that box and your TM should look like this after. Once you have found the problem you can stop the process or disable start up for it.

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i run virus scans daily, i dont know but since removing rapid mode on my evo pro,things appear ok with most things except drive to drive copy ,with this it drops 27k of memory within less than a minute
however even tho it puts all this in the cache,it doesnt fault,but once finished copying the memory doesn't get released
chrome and samsung have the highest handles which each are around 1500 each,al the rest are much lower
thx for the assistance.
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I had a similar memory leak issue, and it was caused by Microsoft Audiodg.exe memory leak:


If you go into task manager, and sort by "memory"...Windows will tell you what is consuming all of the memory. On my system, it was Microsoft Audiodg.exe (had gone as high as 6 GB at one time).