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Memory limiting OC

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Goo Kenson

Sep 17, 2002
I have an Athlon XP 1600+ AGOIA F 0212
Samsung PC2700 512 mb

Now my RAM is limiting my OC when I get to high FSB.

I always set the most aggressive timings and see how high I can go, so I was running at CAS2, 2-2-5, 4bank, system performance set on turbo and all. I could get to 145 fsb completely stable. Above that I would get a blue screen after about half hour of prime. So, memory is defenitely the problem.

What memory do you think I should get, without getting a new motherboard or anything else? Corsair XMS PC2700, maybe? What kind of prices?

What are the fsb multipliers on an A7V333? On an Epox the 5/4 multiplier would be in effect at a fsb of 145. That is the same as a fsb of about 181 where the multiplier would be only one.

If the A7V33 is the same as an Epox regarding the fsb multipliers then I would say unlock the cpu and drop the cpu multiplier so you can up the fsb.
I'm not unlocking.

The CPU is not the limiting factor here. It's the memory. I could run the cpu much higher if I had better memory, which is why I'm thinking of Corsair XMS CAS2 pc2700 to go to at least 166 fsb with fastest timings. I had a cpu/mem ratio of 1:1.
The Cosair XMS2700c2 should get you to 166 with the most aggressive settings with no problems. I've only used Cosair and have seen no reason to change to another brand. It cost a little more but they have a lifetime warranty. Prices at Newegg are
256M @ ~$109
512M @ ~$195

Enjoy whatever you decide!! :cool:
get some pc3200. It will definently work at high FSBs. If you decide to go this route, make sure you get the XMS CAS2, not CAS2.5
well..first of all u need to unlock the cpu 1st..by this u can see how high ur mem can go

well me using 256 mb samsung pc2700,,,from wat i know..samsung ram doesn't like aggresive timings....this is wat i did...i set to 2 -3-6-3-2 with 2T command....

i can get up to 200 fsb x 8 with my xp 1600+ . That is with 2.85 volt after doin some burning in...

u could try this... set to SPD setting...n from there see how ur samsung would take u to...