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memory oc questions

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Aug 30, 2008
i have a gigabyte ep45 ud3l mb ballistixs pc 8500 1gb x4 in pairs e 8400 3.0 1333fsb .the memory is 1066 does the memory at 1066 cause a bottleneck ? i cant oc the memory but the cpu i can get to 4.35 as long as i keep the memory at 1066 or around that or lower. do i need to get better mem i can oc to 1333?


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Dec 17, 2000
Portland, OR
Why can't you overclock your memory? At 4.35GHz (458MHz x 9.5) your Ballistix should easily be able to run at 1099MHz; 5-5-5-18-2T (333 MCH Strap w/ a 2.40B System Memory Multiplier), even w/ 4 x 1GB installed. You may need to change Static tREAD Value (tRD / Performance Level chipset register in MemSet) to 8 or 9, and supply more vNB / MCH voltage than default since all four DIMMs are occupied. Even running the RAM at 916MHz (458MHz x 2 at 1:1; 2.00B or D multiplier using a 333 or 400 MCH Strap), w/ possibly tighter timings than the defalt SPD should be fairly easy. If the RAM errors out in Memtest at 1099MHz at 5-5-5-18-2T, try either loosening the timings to say 5-6-6-18 or increase the DRAM voltage; make sure tRFC is also set to at least 54.
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