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FRONTPAGE Memory Overclocking Guide for Intel Ivy Bridge platform

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Nov 1, 1998
In this guide I would like to show how to overclock your memory in a simple way and how to check if your settings are actually optimal. Iwon't show you how to make highest clock or tightest available timings because all memory is different, and I can't guarantee any settings for that. Also realize that the CPU's IMC (integrated memory controller) plays a big part in maximum clocks and stability.

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Excellent guide! I've used it while it was in beta form and got a couple different kits of memory far higher than I'd managed previously.
+1, great guide Woomack, thanks for all your hard work!

EDIT - Added this one to the reference list on the rights side of the page; it's great info. :thup:
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Good guide. I have been referring to your beta guide also.
Have you tried sticks with hyper's? You don't hear much about them lately, I was wondering if they are bad for IB or just need lots of tweaking?
Hypers work, but some of the lower binned ones will crash out in SPI32m unless you pump them full of volts.

Sticks like Dominator GT based hypers run flawlessly on IB. They just need cold if you want to do 2400mhz+ with them
Good guide. I have been referring to your beta guide also.
Have you tried sticks with hyper's? You don't hear much about them lately, I was wondering if they are bad for IB or just need lots of tweaking?

Hypers are acting about what moocow said so 2500+ needs higher voltage and I mean like 1.92V ( what is max on M5G ) isn't enough for some sticks.
I don't have any hyper based sticks but I saw some other users results.
Other IC are more popular mainly because was much easier to get BBSE or PSC than Hypers in last years. There was time when most 1600 6-8-6 or 2000 9-9-9 kits were on PSC or BBSE ( with higher % of PSC ).
Now in new kits are almost only Hynix or Samsung IC and hard to say when we will see something new from Micron who got rights to Elpida patents ( which merged with PSC before ).
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Thanks all, I have hope it will be useful also outside benching team :)
Thanks :)
I didn't add much sub timing tweaking as each memory is acting differently and there is really no special rule how to set them all. I'm talking mainly about tertiary timings as secondary are usually working near auto settings except maybe tRFC that can be tunned down for higher performance.
Congrats Woomack on the excellent guide. You put forth a ton of work into this, and we are all better for it!
Thanks again ;)
I wasn't expecting that anyone will add it to ROG site with recommendation. I'm pleased to see that it's helpful also outside of overclockers.com :)

As I mentioned in the guide I had no good memory based on Hynix IC when I was making article so for all who are missing this part and wish to see better results there is Geil Veloce 2133 review that includes tests up to DDR3-2800 here.

Any chances you try playing around with the new Corsair Dominator Platinums?

I got the 2400MHz 4x4GB CMD16GX3M4A2400C9 Platinums currently running Prime 27.7 stable with a 45x100 multiplier with a 3770K and Sabertooth Z77.

I tried booting with a 2600MHz setup it boots with relaxed timings and 1.65v voltage set to auto. (Went off of what this guy did with same batch of PLatinums: 11-13-13-35 the kit was able to achieve 2600MHz http://www.corsair.com/en/blog/dominator-platinum-2133-2400-2666mhz-overclocks/

I can boot no problem, into windows but Prime 95 ain't stable.
You think I should throw more voltage on these Platinums (which are in fact ) Samsung IC chips?
Dominators Platinum are on quite good Samsungs so if you have 2400 CL9 then it should make 2600 11-13-13 or 10-13-13. I was testing only TridentX on Samsung IC and at least all that I had were really bad for OC. Dominators are too expensive and I'm not getting any free memory for reviews etc ( at least not yet ;) ).
Samsung chips are scalling till at least 1.85V but it's hard to say how long your memory will live on that voltage ;) Up to 1.75V seems ok.
Try VCCIO 1.25-1.30V , VCCSA 1.20-1.25V and vdimm 1.70-1.75V.