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Memory Overheating

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Aug 29, 2003
Athens, Greece
I made this post earlier in Geil USA Forums and I'm in need of any help available.. I will copy/paste the text so you can read it for yourselves..

My rig is the following:

Mother Board = DFI NF4 ultra - D
CPU ............ = Opteron 170
Memory ...... = Geil DDR 400.2.5-3-3-6 2.5v
PSU ............ = Seasonic 600w
Video .......... = Asus 8800GT
Hard Drives . = 2x80GB seagate striped and 1 250gb seagate ( all sata2)
OS .............. = Single Boot WinXP pro SP2

I work as a computer technician for a computer store in Athens (Greece) and that's where I bought the memory and my whole PC. What I am experiencing is this. While playing games or stressing my PC during the warmer months of the year (April to October) I get random BSOD's. At first I suspected it was the video card (my old x850pro) and I fought with the crashes by keeping the side of my PC open. Actually I was certain that it was some sort of overheating because when the case was opened and the air condition on during summer, I didn't have any problems. When it was closed I had BSOD's. Since I benchmarked and tested almost everything I concluded (faulty) it was the video card (i couldn't measure the temp since it was the plain X850 pro and not the XT).
A month ago I bought a brand new 8800GT and I thought I was saved. Well sadly recently when the temp started rising (i live in greece wink.gif ) i started experiencing BSOD's again. On to the tests again while changing everything in my PC. CPU and motherboard was changed power supply was changed and ofc a number of fresh formats and reinstall of windows. nothing happened. The problem still there. So the one final test I did is to change the Geil ram I have, with a pair of plain value Kingston memory. The problem vanished. No crashes no nothing. I used a different pair of same Geil memory and the problem appeared again.

So this is my conclusion and I hope you can help me face it. When I install a pair of GE2GB3200BHDC memory (used two different sets so it's not a malfuctioning memory) my PC crashes if the room temperature is over 24-25 degrees and the lid closed. If I install a different brand like kingston I don't have any problems whatsoever. So I'm 100% sure that my memory is overheating.
Let me catch up here and let you know that I'm using a Tt Armor case with a watercooling rig for CPU and Chipset and over the memory modules an OCZ XTC blower to keep the modules cool. Memory is always set at factory defaults and no overclocking has happened on the Ram.

All benchmarks are good if the temp is ok. Things go bad when the room temp goes over 24 degrees... How can I face such problem?

I'm sorry for the long post but my problem is complicated and I tried to make it as clear as possible.

Thanks in advance

So what do you think? Geil USA pointed out to Geil in Taiwan and their support team because I live in greece and they aren't responsible for this region... I sent the email and I'm waiting for an answer..


Mar 8, 2004
Did you try increasing memory voltage to 2.6v? You mentioned running sysem though benchmarks but did you run memory though memtest86.