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Memory Questions Galore...

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Oct 1, 2001
Seattle, Washington
All right, I've been running around this forum all day and have run across lots of stuff I had never herd about or don’t know anything about. Here are a couple questions of mine.

First off, normal DDR memory is 64bit memory that operates at what it says it is right? ie.: DDR400 is DDR memory running at 200Mhz FSB, that I'm shure of.

About Duel DDR, I think I understand this also, its essentially using 2 controllers with 2 sticks of 64bit DDR memory and making it look like 128bit memory right?

Now what is DDR II Going to be, I don’t have a clue about what it is yet:

1) Is it just going to be clocked faster?
2) Will it still be 64bit?
3) Is it still going to use the 184pin DDR standard?
4) Is there going to be anyway in the world that it’ll be compatible w/ the nForce 2?

Secondly, What the hell is QBM (Quad Band Memory)? I've seen this page and i still don’t understand a thing about it. Maybe someone else who understands it better could explain it to me. From what I got out of it, it sounds like there just trying to make 128bit sticks of memory out of 64bit memory just like Duel DDR works??? I think I'm wrong about this so please fill me in.

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