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Memory Speed

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New Member
Nov 27, 2016
Hi, I had some quesetion while buying some upgrades for my PC.
I currently have the gigabyte z170-ud5 motherboard, i7 6700k CPU, with ddr4 2133mhz samsung ram.
I was thinking if I would see any benefits from upgrading my rams to 3200mhz clock speed. Would there be any difference?
Would it be a good idea to upgrade ram with the current set up?
Oh btw im running a 980 ti sli for my gpu.
There won't be really big performance gain but sometimes you will see 1-3FPS more in some games. Since you have Samsung RAM then I guess you can overclock memory to at least 3000. Safe is usually 2666 15-15-15 1.35V what works on probably all available memory chips. Above that is 3000 15-17-17 or 16-17-17 1.35V which should also work on all IC ( sometimes isn't working on Microns ).
Hi thanks for the reply!
I can overclock samsung rams to 3000 also? Do you know where I may be able to find guides to do that? Most guides seem to be on the non samsung e.g. Corsair G.skill and so on memories. I don't think the samsung ones have xmp support so would I have to manually go in the bios and set numbers?
If you tell me what is the product number of your memory then I can give you some tips or link to tests on similar memory.