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Memtest86 errors - what do they really mean

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Apr 22, 2003
Well like the title says, I'm wondering what errors in memtest86 really mean. Basically I was testing some new ram I bought, at UNDER stock speeds, and got 130 THOUSAND errors. I have a funny pic of it if anyone wants to host it for me.

I saw another thread where someone suggested upping the vcore to solve the problem with errors. After that, I OCed the ram, and memtest86 now gets 2 errors in test 4, 3802 errors in test 5, and 1 error in test 7.

So I'm wondering is memtest even worth anything? Are the errors even accurate? If changing just the vcore and overclocking the ram creates less errors, I have to start wondering...

Ohh, and the system is seemingly stable despite these errors. Prime95 runs overnight without any problems.
memtest runs a series of transfers or calculations and compares the results against known results or answers. The actual errors themselves are not as critical as their elimination via a number of methods dependent on individual circumstances.

The sys. my seem stable for now but these errors will manifest themselves in some yet unknown manner in the future.
Well any clue how to fix them then? I upped all my voltages and the result was less errors, but now prime95 wont even pass 1 iteration. I went down on the FSB and memory speeds too.
I'm not really sure thats the problem though... Because as I said, when I turn the memory speed back down, all the way to 180 and loosen the timings, I get MORE errors. Which is really why I'm like wtf... Also this board overvolts vdimm ~.15 so I think that is pretty high.
If there are errors in Memtest86 at default values of CPU and memory that's bad. It's because RAM is faulty or incompatible with second stick or your mobo.
1) update BIOS as it can often fix incompatibilities
2) If you have 2 sticks, test them separately. If only one gives you errors - it's bad = rma it.
3) If you get errors only with both sticks in but none when you test first or second = incompatibility - if both stivcks are from same manufacturer and have identical chips or it's dual channel kit return it and avoid this brand/chip combination.
Only memtest86 checks whole memory, prime95, OS, games, 3dmark doesn't do that.