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metroid prime?

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my friend has a GC.. its not too bad, although i really dislike the controller.. i'm not very used to playing consoles much anymore.. last time i really got hooked on a game was Zelda on the 64 a couple of years ago...

but his GC is pretty nice, its a crying shame that it cant play DVD's though.. well the special panasonic edition can, but thats only in japan and very limited in availability...

metroid looks to kick ***, and from some of what i've read everyone else seems to think so too.. that is one game i'm going to MAKE him get :D
Oni said:
I'm not sure, actually. It does look uber sweet!

Nintendo just keeps coming up w/ reasons for me to want a GC

same feelings here.

Metroid, on all the systems (but n64 if they bade one) 0wn3d 4ll;)
Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion came out in the US nov. 18th here in europe we have to wait a while Metroid Fusion comes out nov. 22nd and Metroid Prime comes out March 3rd!! :drool:

BTW. Did I mention that I'm kind of an nintendo fanatic? :D
Ive seen the panasonic GC in the flesh! It was in town in this shop that had it imported, then my friend bought one that cost a bomb, if my memory serves me correctly it also plays VCD's MP3's and a few other things.
It's awesome..........

Metroid Prime, simply put, is awesome! It has great graphics, great gameplay, and probably a great story judging from other Metroid games. I played a demo in the store and it was so cool. When I shot my big charged shot the air kind of rippled around it and everything. I shot this little worm enemy close up, and green stuff splattered all over my visor. Speaking of the visor, when you look around it's so cool, it like trails behind where you're looking by a little time, so it's like it's an actual computer or something and what you see is being updated faster than your visor.

Get it if you have a GameCube, get a GameCube and get it if you don't. Oh, and it has a cool lock-on system.
People where getting there hands on metroid Sunday...because Target accidently put it out on the shelves early. Everywhere else has it now. I have heard great things about this game and cannot wait to buy a copy. Also another great game for gamecube that just came out is Resident Evil 0...that is one of the best games in the series.
Oh man! I still have to wait over four months for this game! I would import it here if the freeloader just would come out already. Damn nation!

Oh about that Panasonic machine Q, you can also play dvd-movies with it aside from CD's and the other stuff. I wish I could get my nails on that thing.. I wonder how much would it cost to import one here.. propably a fortune and I couldn't use it anyway because we have pal instead of ntsc in finland. (finland sucks)
Freekin AWSOME!!! I only got to play for an hour(girlfriend :mad: ) but what I did play was great. I used to play Super Metroid with my friends all the time and we all took turns. But OMG I love this game. Now I dont have time for PSO.
You torment me.. I can't stand the wait! I don't understand how it can take them four months to convert the game to PAL? Usually it takes about an month.
at least sleep at ease knowing PAL is far ahead of archaeic NTSC in terms of transmission technology;)