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micorsoft tcp/ip version 6

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Jan 23, 2003
can anyone tell me anything more than this about this protocol..

"TCP/IP version 6. The next-generation version of the internet protocal that provides communication across diverse interconnectd networks."

That's what XP say's about this...
I'm wondering why it only seem's to work when the regular tcp/ip protocal is install, and if it's so much better how come it isn't install by default. I have been haveing problems with a microsoft wireless router so i decide to check my settings and such. The connection from computer to computer on my internal lan was limited to 25% of the 100mbps that i had before i did the latest firmware upgrade. I would down grade, but the other firmware is just way to buggy for me...so i decided to stick with the lower speed, stability, and hassle the micrsoft tech support....which i did and they say there working on new firmware (yeah right). Well, anyway...i decided to install the Version 6 tcp/ip and i got 50mbps in my internal lan....i was like wow..

I thought it would be a good idea to learn more about this protocol...so if you know anything or know where i can get the info plz post...thanx.

If you happen to know anything about getting my full 100mpbs on the mn-500 wired and wireless router back....you can add that to...but i mainly want to know about the main topic...thanx.


Dec 11, 2003
Are you referring IPV6 vs the current IPV4? The main reason for the change is that as the inernet continues to grow we will eventually run out of IP address... Its been awhile since I read up on it but, IPV6 would allow one IP address per every square inch of the earth where in its current state there are a limit of about 5 billion IP's. Consequently new IP addresses will be hexideciimal and look like a microsoft serial number.

Edit- I think I went completely off your topic there LOL, I need a nap.


Feb 1, 2003
Whilst I don't think TCP/IP is Microsoft's property I could concievably be wrong, anyway if you want to learn about public IP address space check these guys out.


Senior Member
Oct 31, 2001
Ipv6 doesn't come installed by default because it isn't widely supported yet. All the big operating systems support it. My whole lan runs ipv6 in addition to ipv4. Hence all the computers on my lan have public ipv6 addresses - some of them even more than one.

If your isp doesn't do ipv6 natively (and it probably doesn't), then you'd have to get a tunnel out to the ipv6 internet. There are free tunnelbrokers that do this, like Hurricane Electric. All the information you could ever want on ipv6 is here: http://www.6bone.net