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Micro ATX question...

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New Member
Nov 27, 2003
Hi, I just bought a micro atx mobo and I used a regular atx psu and it won't post. My question is does a regular atx psu work with a micro atx mobo?
I think if you look at the specs of the board it will say that it needs an ATX PS.

Some boards, really need the small separate P4 connector, and there are ATX PS that do not have it.

The other issue is the PS quality and rating versus the board/CPU combination.

Can you explain what board, CPU, PS... are you using?

Are you sure all jumpers are properly set? I assume this is not your first time building a system.
The board is an old p3 ecs p6ssm v1.1 micro atx board. On the atx socket has the letters ATX1. The board does have a million jumpers on it =). Hardly any info online for this board. I tried contacting ECS support and they blow hard. So I just RMAed it and hope the next I get works.

My GF still using a p2 =) so I am building her a p3 since I got an extra cpu.
The ECS brand does not have a very good reputation, although there are many people saying are running an ECS board without problems. Still it is no secret that ECS boards are on the cheap end. It is very possible that you had a bad one.

On ther other hand, I think you need to get a handle on the million jumpers before you try the new one.
Well my problem with the board is that the fan connectors don't supply power. CPU or the AUX. Which leads to me asking about compatiability about micro atx and regular atx. I did some search and reading on sites and such and it seems that it should work with one another.

The first time I plug everything in... CPU, HD, FD, Mem, etc etc... I powered it up and notice right away the CPU fan wasn't running so I pulled the power cord off right away... Took everything off and did some testing without anything just the fun plugged in and it doesn't start up at all. All other MBs I came across will supply power to the fans when you power up the system.

ECS tech blows. I called and asked for tech support and they transfered me to sales LMAO!!! Then I finally got transfered to support but after 5 minutes of waiting I got transfered to a voice mail. The next time I called I got a voice mail telling me to get a blah blah # first on the website before I can get support.

I only got a 7 day DOA warranty so I justed RMAed it back. I called the place I bought the board from and the CSR was really nice and asked me what was wrong and issued me an RMA right away.