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micro atx ?

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Super Speedy Senior
Jan 18, 2003
with a micro atx board fit in a atx style case???

sry for my ignorance.
Yep. Any micro ATX will fit (well, fit is a bad word) in a standard case. To elaborate on the fit, you'll have plenty of real estate in there.

And no apologies needed ;)
coolio was always wanting a way away from an extra gpu card in my secondary :D
Generaly yes, though I have seen a few ATX cases which do not have the proper holes for an mATX board, so make sure to double check with whatever case your thinking of.
Some cases often have holes with mark stamped in that may have "m/A/B". (B for BTX but it's rare to find BTX cases anyway) If you are buying locally and you can look at display cases, open them up and look for holes marked as such. If there's no marking you may need to make a template with holes indicated so you can compare existing holes with template to see if it's mATX compatible.

But don't be silly and get a 3 foot tall full sized case just for mATX board.
But don't be silly and get a 3 foot tall full sized case just for mATX board.

Well, I can see making a file server where you wanted a small motherboard just for maybe jury rigging an extra drive cage in the leftover pci slot area, but thats about it.

jonspd, yeah, just look at the case specs, I've seen a couple mid towers (don't know about full towers) with mATX holes.