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Midnight Suns

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Jul 20, 2006
Had to wake up early this morning to go to the doctor... so I probably won't be able to do this game justice. But Marvel's Midnight Suns might be the greatest Superhero game since the old Facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance.

I never thought another turn-based superhero game would happen. It's clearly been one disaster after another with Marvel's Avengers and... to a lesser extent (but still annoying) Guardians of the Galaxy.

And I didn't even like the comic book run of Midnight Suns. So I wasn't looking forward to this game AT ALL.

Nobody was.

But then the reviews started coming in: "Greatest Superhero Game of all Time." "Game of the Year..."

It didn't make any sense... until I realized it was made by the same team that made X-Com 2.

I LOVED X-Com 2... but kinda hated how you'd spend all these missions building up characters only to have them die, randomly, in combat.

Well... Midnight Suns is a complete evolution of the genre. It's undoubtedly the greatest game they ever produced. One of the greatest games of the year. Compared to my expectations... that's totally inconceivable... but here we are.

I'm playing in 4K and I've gotta tell you: the "Team Combos"... are CRAZY. Absolutely insane. Just go on YouTube and check them out and imagine them on your PC with Raytracing and everything... I haven't been so astonished since the title screen of Revenge of Shinobi.

It's not for everyone (which is another PLUS in my book) and the pace is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW... but it delivers big.

I could easily see this game flying under the radar since nobody was expecting anything good to come out of it. But that's a shame. Because it's amazing.
Going from the 1st hour or so of gameplay - It's definitely not for everyone, IMO the card aspect in-fight spoils the pacing. Seems like it's trying to be a mix between a movie and a strategy game, and it only ends up being decent in one of them, if that makes sense :shrug: I'm confused about one thing though, most heroes are fairly updated, but at the same time it has VERY old depictions of some of them, I mean, Strange hasn't used that getup (and personality) since the 80s/90s? Alternate timelines?

This right here completely ruined it for me :bang head

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