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Migrating HDDs

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Dec 14, 2001
Hey guys,

Wasn't really sure where this would topic would fit but here it goes. I'm taking a 20gb drive from a P233 system and moving it into an Athlon system. I know I will have to re-install the OS but would I be able to do an upgrade install with Win98? I tried hooking up the HDD to the Athlon machine but it wouldn't boot from the drive. It currently has Win95. My main concern is saving the files(ie Program files so they can still be accesed in the same way). Thanks
I think that you should be able to keep the program files folder, if you upgrade the OS. Since the whole point of upgrading the OS would be so you can keep the programs you were using before.
An upgrade install of 98 would work fine over 95. Clean install is always best though.