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Milestones April 6 2002

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Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
Warren, OH
These are as of 8PM EST(EDT starts tomorrow ;)) and according to the last update...
and they are waaaay overdue and may contain errors, but I think I got everyone.

Waltzing past 2500 are -
azhari 2797.96
Gator 2555.22

Breaking across 1000 we have -
belorsch 1234.03
stymee 1184.78
Newbie_Doo 1071.92
Khato 1058.8
lqrpig 1047.55

Handily marking off 500 are -
Allan.Stirling 643.06
ebola 578.32
J37X 567.3
Arthur_Liberman 564.04
IdeaMagnate 559.75
Gandalf 536.76
Blake_Loring 525.38
Wyno 508.37
Gonzo 502.4

Whipping up a score of over 250 we have -
walaka7 368.33
FeralCom 285.49
Ogre 284.07
progman 282.8
typo_negitive 280.98
With_him_(www.overclockers.com) 275.07
Dragonbud 273.67
footman 265.46
YMAN 254.8

Busting across 100 and a lot more are -
hct318 215
RPC 212.66
Wedo 195.25
recall 182.34
Sherry__Mautino 175.1
Wolfmist 175
Starfire_MK2 172.49
RickShelton 164.6
0wn3d! 162.05
jae87 156.79
Daddio 154.03
Tomax2001 116.75
dale 111
Hugovsky 108.37
Steve_Collins 107.6
AMD'er 107.29
BIGPUN666 105.79
Pauldogg 104.2
foldingfred 101.4
OmaticRail 100.4
Josh_Deupree 100.2

and marking their territory over 50 are -
chrismacan 95.69
jflowers 90.16
Somatik 83.67
nikhsub1 72.1
ezlor 71.1
Yatta 69
Jeffrey_Caplan 67.5
Twisted_Animator 66.38
jbolton 65.45
sailor420 61
Racker 60.89
www.overclockers.com_Placid 60.4
EHHagy 58.89
Tinknocker 57.49
Roger 56.79
Lummoxx 55.09
Weazl 53.8
Rusty075 51.8

WTG Everyone! :D
Bartender!! There is news on the horizon! Serve up 66 :beer: Please!
Fold On! :burn:
*accounting error on Stanfords servers. David scored over 100. :)


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
good job people....i hope to be joining the 250 rank in a week or two....depends whether my dad finds the FAH2 instance running on his computer with Hideit ;)


Love slave to da man
Sep 6, 2001
Uniontown, PA
hey ploaf,

i am about to break the 2500 barrier in the next update.

WTG to everyone else and there milestones...have a few :beer: for me :D


Dec 17, 2001
Peoples' Rep of SoKal
Here ... :bday: ... everyone put on a party hat. April 14 is Walaka's birthday! :bday:

Go Walaka!! Congrats on breaking 250!

INKEEPER!! MORE GROG!! :beer: :bday:


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
Ploaf said:
These are as of 8PM EST(EDT starts tomorrow ;)) and according to the last update...
and they are waaaay overdue and may contain errors, but I think I got everyone.

*accounting error on Stanfords servers. David scored over 100. :)

Thanks :D
I have complained again :mad: abiut the stats mixup.


Jan 20, 2002
Las Vegas, NV or Caprock, NM
Hoping to add one more today (If FRY'S has anymore cheap combos left)
Our numbers are starting to look better!!!!
Congrats to all :beer::beer:

Good news/bad news.. I bought the combo, they threw in hsf, and I picked up a case. I have the rest i need.. However, i agreed to use it as a learning tool for my wife's brother, so he will be building it and this will take place next sat morning.. One more week without Duron rig :(

FOLD ON 32!!!!!!!!
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Senior Kitty Power!
Oct 31, 2001
Lost Angeles
Nice Job everyone... big 'ol pat-yourself-on-the-back.

You've got 500 in your sites Walaka, keep it up!