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millennium glaciator or swiftech 462?

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Mar 9, 2001
Ithaca, NY
im in need of a better heatsink, currently im running an alpha pal6035... its good, but the noise is getting to me, i put a delta on it, and its a little hard to sleep at night... i have the money for a swiftech mc462, but id prefer to go with the glaciator because its quieter and easier to mount.... is the swiftech really worth the money, or would the glaciator do the job? It appears that the glaciator has a lower c/w, so.... i dunno,
suggestions please
At first glance I would go with the glaciator, but I haven't got mine to test yet, so I can't give you very good info on this one, sorry. I just know that from the front page article the glaciator is a super performer!
the 462 is pretty loud too, especially w/ the delta 80mm , 68.5 cfm fan. I havent heard a 462 w/ the Sanyo Denki fan, it might be quieter. If you get one , I would get a rheostat so you can control the rpm(noise) to your needs and taste. The glaciator might be O.K., but the fan that comes w/ it is not as good as the one tested in the article , so it might not cool as well. The other thing is how the two differ in mounting. The 462 is fullproof in mounting. The glaciator , when mounted, will have to be treated w/ kid gloves (no bumping or moving the comp around) as it is very heavy and they use a clip.
I have a Glaciator and I am happy with it. it's not any louder than the fan on the heatsink that came with the CPU. See my thread for more information. I don't have a Swiftech to compare the two, but I know that they are both good heatsinks and I think they will both do the job. I don't know what the Swiftech is made from, but the Glaciator is copper which makes it very efficient at transferring heat.
thanks for the info.... i'll probably be getting the glaciator... just oredered my crucial cas2 256MB stick, and 2 blue orbs... one for GPU, one for northbridge....

I just installed my new Glaciator and it made a noticeable difference. I would recommend this very much. I got charged tax when I ordered it cause it comes from CT where I am but it came in 2 days!!!! Now thats service.