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Mini Dremel bits

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I noticed while looking at your pic there that the bits are off-center. Look at the pic, I did some additons to it. If you notice, the lines should go pretty much down the center of the hole in the middle. Notice how the bit is lopsided? That would mean that your dremel is not centering them or your shaft is bent. Which in turn you would be using them up much faster than needed. When they get off centered, it would wear one side worse than the other and would cause it to be worn faster on one side but not the other. Which in turn you would move in closer to get that side to actually make contact then wear the side that is making contact wear away. Undertand what I mean? You might want to check out your dremel and shaft. Might help you save some lifetime on your bits....

I do the same thing, I wear them out to tiny little peices. :D

Yep, I think you’re right. Something is wrong with it cuz it only took me about three minutes to use both of those bits up last night. Ether that, or my Antec is one heck of a case. :p I think it might be time for me to get a new one anyway. I got this one years ago for Christmas when they first came out, and it’s a 28,000rpm single speed. I always wanted a variable speed one.
OHH... I had a 28,000 long time ago. then i upgraded to a 35,000 variable (actualy its my dads) and now I have my own 37,000 var. If you get a variable speed one you will be soo happy because there is like 174+ more things you Kan do wit em. I usualy dont let my bits get that small, cause its easier to cut when they are larger.