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Minimal vcore = coolest CPU

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Dec 17, 2000
After getting the best case and CPU cooling I could manage for my Duron/A7V, I decided to see how much I could lower vcore and still get a decent overclock. (Everyone knows that raising the vcore adds significantly to CPU temp.)

After a night of experimenting I came up with these results:

Voltage: Best Stable Overclock

1.60v: 935MHx (8.5x110)
1.65v: 945MHz (9x105)
1.70v: 970MHz (9.5x102)
1.75v: 980MHZ (9.5x103)
1.80v: 990MHz (9x110)
1.85v: 1000MHx (10x100)
1.90v: 1020MHz (10x102)

At 1.60v my CPU temps are in the 33-38C range (from idle, cool room to full load, very warm room). At 1.90v the CPU temp is 6 to 8C higher under various conditions.

For me the performance difference between 935MHz and 1020MHz is insignificant. Given the major temperature difference I've opted for the more conservative overclock.


NAKED Overclockers Unite! Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Milton Keynes UK
I raised to 2.00v this morning on a coppermine and got a loaded temperature reading of 24°c. Turns out the motherboard got confused at 2.00v.

The moral of the story is - never take notice of temperatures as meaning anything other than being a self comparitive level,. The info those probes give is poor.