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Mixing Voodoo with GeForce, add salt to taste

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Jan 7, 2001
Okay peoples - an aside on my new system
ABit KT7a-RAID, AGP and PCI1 share an IRQ, I have an old creative blaster voodoo2, and Voodoo2s need no IRQ, just a PCI slot. If I were to buy a GeForce for my AGP, would there be any conflicts, would the voodoo try and 'take over' things the newer, more effective GeForce - Reason is I have a few games that are glide only, and a few more that perform better on Glide than DirectX (My P166 voodoo2 combo is as good at Diablo2 as a P3-700 with a Vanta - I've tested the two side by side). Shadow says that one of the things nVidia is absorbing IS glide, so should I just get an MX with the Voodoo, or maybe just forget the GeForce till the Glide-compat comes around and get a newer Glide-card like the 5500? Any other opinions on this?

Ka Bump!
Comeon, 3d Blaster Voodoo2 + GeForce, will the Voodoo cause problems - either by taking over stuff the GeForce can do better or overclocking (my understanding of the Voodoo2s is that they basically only need power from the PCI, and you overclock them seperately from the PCI Bus, but I might be mistaken)

Why's that? It's not a Voodoo Blaster (stand alone video card) It's a Voodoo2 - it can't even do 2d Graphics last I checked, it shouldn't show up as a video card - it should be read as another type - true?