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Mobile CPU?

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Feb 7, 2002
Newegg is selling 1800+'s mobile athlon xp for 188$. Are the mobiles good overclockers or something? I know they put out a lot less heat. Looks like it fits in a any normal socket a, dun know about the voltage though. What do you guys think?


Aug 12, 2002
Chicago, IL
Check out this thread

1) They're also selling the mobile 1600 .....

As near as I can tell ..... the mobile XP's are T-breds, NOT paliminos, they are the early T-bred, not the cool 2400+ T-bred, so they tend to run hotter. MY GUESS, is that they are T-bred 2000 / 2200 that run at the lower speeds with less voltage. MY GUESS is that they are really all the same, so the mobile 1800 should OC as well as the 1600 .....

I got a 1600 mobile on order, we'll see how far it OCs.

2) There are also non moblie slower speed T-breds for sale now too, newegg has a 1700 tbred for sale, again, we think its the hotter tbred, GUESSING it ocs like the 2000/2200 tbreds, so should run hotter and OC a little farther than the palamino 1700.

3) There's also a note on these slower speed tbreds on the home page.

I THINK the mobiles and the slower tbreds should OC better than the paliminos, but who knows yet?