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Mobo FET/transistor up in smoke. Solder new one on?

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May 6, 2008
few burn.jpg

On a Rampage III gene. Just above the three caps in pic. I am wanting to solder on a new transistor and having trouble making sure I am buying the correct replacement.

On the chip it says

1025 c4

I was told it should be a NXP PH9025L

I have searched on mouser and digikey and have found very similar chips, but not all written words match. ie: c7 instead of c4. I do not know if or how much these differences matter. If someone has the time to hold my hand and post a link to a transistor that will work i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


PS: I am using my wifes macbook pro to post this, save me!


Premium Member
Dec 6, 2010
No, 1. you don't know what made it smoke, 2. How good are your SMT soldering skills? You have to make the solder look like it was done by machine, like in pic below


IMO, get a new MB, not worth the headache.