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Mobo Jumper thingys

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try your local computer shop for jumpers....

i have heard of people making them from tin foil, but i dont recommend that :D

Just goto an small computer shop and i am sure they will be happy to help you out.
Hmm...not the small shop by me. The guy wasn't so nice the first and last time I was there. There has got to be a place that sells them...
you say you live in the "Big Apple" and thier is only one computer shop around???? Might just have to try another one if that guy is being a jerk.

You can order them online, but the shipping will cost you more than the jumpers.
When I say I'm in the Big Apple, it doesn't mean that I live all over NYC. I have a home you know, and the small shop by where I live is not a good place. So does that clear it up a little? Anyways, thanks for the reply...
sorry, just thought you would have a few....
I live in a Vancouver Suburb (ALOT SMALLER THAN NYC) and i have 5 shops(that i know of) within 5 min from my house....
No need for apologies. NYC was run over by big corporations like CUSA and BestBuy and I think for most people this is enough to quench their thirst for computers. When I check the fone book for the small guys here in the city, they rarely have a storefront. I know of one other guy by my job on 9th ave that's actually a store. Maybe I'll give him a try. Again thanks for bringing this to light. It'd be kinda ridiculous to pay $.50 for a few jumpers and $6 shipping :D
how many u need? If just a few PM me your address and I will spare the stamp and send them to you.
turd, thanks for the offer :) but don't want to impose just for a few jumpers. I'll try the shop by work and see what they say :)
Tim, thanks! I get their catalog, but I've only ordered from them once a long time ago. will give that a try!