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Mobo sugestions for this system. . .

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
Ok im building a new pc, and I have everything orderd accept the mobo, becuase the mobos i orderd are in back order, (both the asus a7v and the abit kt7 , raid and non raid, were in back order at this site i was at) now ive decided to not overclock ths system, becuase it is going to be a dedicated 24/7 server and I need complete stabibilty and longevity. So I am looking for a resonably priced mobo that suports T-birds up to 1ghz, I am thinking around the ball park figure of 120$, but thats not at all a limit.

Ok here are the specs of what I already orderd.
T-bird 950mhz
Alpha PAL6035 w/ Delta Black Label fan
Antec mid-tower case (pretty awsome 7 bays, 80$, strongly recomended)
3 80x80x25mm fans (making 4 total with the Alpha)
300w psu
IBM Deskstar 75GXP 30gb (7200 rpm)
1 256mb pci133 168pin DIMM
ATI Radeon 32mb DDR
52x cd-rom
1.44mb floppy
Soundblaster Live! Value soundcard
10/100mbps fast ethernet card

Theres my system, please post any sugestions on motherboards not for overclocking, just a good stable one. At least 4 pci, a 4x agp slot, and 2 preferably 3 dimm slots.
The MSI KT Pro 2-A is a very stable board. You can find it for $ 110.00 plus shipping. They have a new Turbo Model being released this month. It has Raid & the K133A chipset but probaly will retail for $145.00 or more. They are known for their stability!

MSI seems to be the stability king, but here's an $80 one to consider if you're looking to save some cash.

I was surprised at the good reviews this board has gotten. I've seen a few others. But, the MSI KT Pro 2-A got the highest stability rating over at Anand's of all the KT133 motherboards. And the new KT133A MSI KT Pro Turbo tested even more stable.
Serving what? If it's going to just be a web server or a proxy server than you might as well just put a Duron 600 in it, in whatever motherboard you can find?

If performance is important, I'd say go with the A7v133. It's both stable, and fast.