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Mobo won't post, no display, ideas? (GA-X58A-UD3R)

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Jul 3, 2001
I recently pulled an old rig out of the closet and disassembled everything, cleaned it all up, reassembled. System worked fine, then after a while my video card fried. One of the transistors burned out or shorted (I can see it).

Got a new video card and now the system will not post and I get no display output.

What I've done so far:

  • Disassemble everything, visually inspect mobo, reseat everything
  • Clear cmos/remove cmos battery
  • Switch out CPU
  • Take out all but one memory stick

Any more troubleshooting ideas? TIA
I second ED's reply. If you have switched out cpu's and still get no video, you may have shorted out the PCIe slot. You will have to read the manual to find out which PCIe slot can be used as a secondary GPU slot.
any pcie slot will work for the gpu... i would think something happened while cleaning that something caused a short or along those lines that killed the gpu. only other thing is something on the video card was problem that then overheated/melted and then killed the slot. could go either way on what kill the slot.

on the motherboard, on the back side what do the pins look like that are where the pcie slot is?
Whelp, took everything apart and I don't see any BBQ signs on the mobo. Different PCI slots yield no results. Guess I'll have to grab another mobo and try that out.
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