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Apr 18, 2001
i offered the owner of my isp free installation of some new windows they are getting in for the building in return for all the help hes given me.
as i was leaving he saw me eyeballing a cool adjustable slot cooler. it had 2 small fans, 1 sunon and 1 y.s. tek. even with the slots retracted it was too long to use in a slot to really get the added air movement where i wanted it, so i decided to put it in from the front and direct it close to the hsf which blows into the hs. i still have to do the cutout in the bay cover to make it look symmetrical but u get the picture.
he said go ahead, u can have it.
i flew home and took it apart lol. i reversed the fans to blow in. why they werent lik that to begin with i dont know. as u can see im testing different things at once so the wires are everywhere right now.
ive drilled the holes in the front bezel at bottom to be much larger because i installed a high speed 80mm sunon behind them for intake.
i also added an identical fan to the back.
this was the stock fan mounted in the side of my case with a duct for the original hsf. not near as powerfu as the 80mm's. but icouldnt stand to see it sit there lookin bored. ill screw it down later when i find some screws.
I had one of those slot coolers. I never thought it moved enough air to justify keeping it, so I got rid of it. BTW, several people us them to cool drive bays.
last but not least, i was at my uncles place today and he traded me this Little Giant pump for my old chevy s10 pickup topper. now i feel im on my way to gatheing parts for the im sure u all have noticed that my mods are all a little rough lookin, but until i get everything where i want it i wont do any sprucing up.
any idea on where i can find out the gallons per hour on this thing? i tested it in a small cooler and was very impressed with the height the water went and te perfect drenching of my not so fortnate relatives! lol
thanx for lookin folks!