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Modding phase 1 Complete

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Nope. I havent added any lights. The red that you see is the Debug Chip on my motherboard. It just happend that it is directly behind the center fan. and it looks reall cool from some angles.
Looking good. Do you have any advice for someone who is about to install a window kit? I have one I might install this weekend.
fitting the window into the holw with the rubber molding was probably the hardest part. I couldnt even get the locking strip in! I cut the hole with a dremel, and that went fine. If I ever change the shape of my window or if i ever put one in a diferent computer I will probably go to pep boys and get some door trim and just glue the window behind the rest.

Maybe I just didnt cut the hole big enough.
wow, loooks really clean bro. very nice, i like the lighted
fans too. does it give a good effect at night?
Thanks Starfox! The lighted fans were completly by chance. At night they dont look quite as good; the center fan only glows only a little. I do like the looks though, so i might get some el strips or something to light the fans up better.

I was really pleased with the holes i was able to cut with a hole saw and drill press. They are nearly perfect!

What should Phase 2 be? Paint?
NNNOOOOO not the paint. Thats a Lian LI you paid too much to paint it and the aluminum look is good enough on its own.
You should wait a few years until it gets dirty or you get bored but not right now.
Sorry for not being specific. but when i said paint i was refering to the drive bays. I would like to make them silver so that they match the rest of the case. does anyone know what a good paint to use would be? I need on that will match the look of the lian-li s.
looken good

yes painted drive bezel would be soo kool im curius what the crome spray paint looks like has any body used it plz post pics
I ould say bring in the section of bezel that covers the bay, bring it to an auto body shop and ask ho you could get a paint that was matched.

OR, in order to get THE perfect colour match, stealth your drives by mounting the original Lian Li bay covers on the front of the drive, perfect looks and it ill confuse the crap out of people hen you tell them to put a cd in the drive. What drive?!

hope that helps
case looks real nice, great job on the window.. and the light behind the fan turned out cool, even though it was by chance.. ever think about maybe just throwing a red light in there to light up the other fans at night??
I dont care for the "stealth" idea. Ive seen it done before and it doesnt appeal to me.

Yeah, I plan to add a Cold Cathode sometime soon.
Thanks I have been bitten by the modding bug now. Im going to order a whole bunch of blue LEDs and replace all the others with blue. Im even going to do the DigitalDoc in blue Backlight.:cool: