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Modem setup and connection probs

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Apr 6, 2001
I am having problems setting up my ppp. The modem is seen under ttyS0 and I have set everthing up according to the ISP - DNS etc. I am not sure if they are using PAP or CHAP. When the system dials out it seems to connect then gives a daemon timed out error. The diagnostics help is unable to give the cause. Can someone help me please.
Make sure pppd is installed, and configured correctly.

Thanks David. The error message on connection is "pppd daemon died suddenly". I assume that pppd is therefore installed if it died. When you say configured where and what?
Having had a look around the ppp files I have found some error reports and they indicate that the call was terminated from my side because "peer failed to authenticate". Having read some of the help files it seems very complex to fix this. I use NTL and assume they are using PAP. Any quick fix solutions are welcome.
A quick fix would be to call them up and ask what authentication they use.

Then, I can't remember exactly, but check the '/etc/ppp' directory for scripts and config files.

And I'm pretty sure there is a PPP-HOWTO out there, that helped me a lot when I was using dial up.