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Modified BLORB for the gpu backside ; what ya think ?

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May 11, 2002
Right near the Beach, FL
I was reading the post about the guy who put that vantec chipset cooler on the back of his card , then i looked at my sad unlapped blue orb and thought "hey , i got some time on my hands" ....

What i did :
First i removed the 3 screws that hold down the fan , and then took the fan off . After looking at it for about a minute i saw how the 2 metal peices of the cooler went together ( contact slug & fin ring respectively ) . So i put the fin ring on 2 pieces of wood and punched out the slug with a screwdriver & hammer combo . After finding that i would have no use for the slug i quickly tossed it and picked up the ring . Having some leftover copper from my popcan northbridge block project i cut out a circle from the copper sheet . The fins and the copper went nicely together , next i filled in the empty space in the ring with solder .This was done by wrapping solder wire in a nice chunck placing it in the center of the ring (with the copper on the bottom) and taking a blow torch to it to make a nice solder "pond" . I thought this would be quite interesting for cooling because solder conatins alot of silver and other "helpful" minerals :D . So the top half was done ; next i had to create a nice contact platform . Using the good ol' dremel i smoothed out the copper ; out of a nickel ($.05) i cut a 1cm by 1cm square and smoothed its surfaces down also . Using a mix of epoxy and arctic silver 3 i attached the little plate to the center of the copper . after testing it on my vid card i found that the nickel gave me ample clearance over the vid card components but just to be sure , i sprayed clear coat over the copper on the bottom (and yes , i did cover up the nickel b4 spraying) ... And there u go , the final product .... for attaching it to the vid card i think i will go with the epoxy/AS combo , but first i will wait till i get a newer card .



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Aug 20, 2002
Looks pretty good:) I would just like to see that thing perform, and find out how much it will affect temps/oc.


Sep 30, 2002
hey, why not just add some brackets and use the hs mounting holes in the vid card?? i was thinking of attaching my old p166 fan to the top of my heatsinkwith those. the corner holes line up just right :). also gonna di that to my northbridge...until my wc setup is done...