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MOHAA the end

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Cowboy X

Oct 12, 2001
Folding in Barbados
I fully enjoyed the MOHAA single player . I don't want to spoil it for those yet to get or finish the game , BUT I must say the ending was quite lame .

I and several others criticised RTCW for its ending but I think this one was worse.

I still recommend the game to all fps gamers out there .
yes i have to say the ending was almost as bad a rtcw's. Tho wolfenstein's was more of the classic good guy fight big boy ending compared to moh's. But yea all in all i still enjoyed it pretty much, esp runnin up omaha, i got a feel what those poor kids felt... :burn:
yeah I didn't even realize it was over, just seemed to end like the other missions, then BOOM credits..

I was like what the.... that's it???

I honestly don't know why ppl like the game so much....
I kept hearing ppl ranting and raving about it and then I got it, and was like this is it??

especially from a technical stand point it's pretty lame...

enviroment interaction is totally minimal, eg u shoot a cup on the table and nothing even happends...

this game coulda been made 5 yrs ago and still been the same

and DOD beats it in multiplayer hands down...
I think they should have at least given us a cut scene or an in game scene, even! (although all us who played Deus Ex should realize that in engine endings pretty much suck :p )