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Nov 22, 2001
The great USA!
Just thought I would give you guys a heads up on a little problem. It seems the newest drivers from nVidia (28.32) can keep "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" from running correctly. I encountered the problem when I installed the new drivers and the latest patch from EA for MOHAA. At first I thought it was the patch, but after some troubleshooting, it turned out to be the video card drivers. I reinstalled some older drivers (23.11) and everything is working fine now.
i too am running with the 28.32 and haven't encountered a prob yet but if i do thanks for the headsup of the possible culprit.;)
What OS are you guys running? I am running WinXP home, not sure if it was a combination of things or not. I also noticed at the MOHAA forums that others had problems when upgrading to the nVidia drivers. Maybe its not the drivers? All I know is I am happily playing :D MOHAA again.
I had some problems too with 28.32 under win XP... I couldn't run 3D Mark 2k1... or AVP2 :( so I roll back to 23.11.
(8KHA+ GeForce2 MX 'standard')
I'm sure that this new 28.32 driver is mainly for Titanium series... take a look to the systems of those who posted here. I see no problem to GF3, GF4 or GF2Ti users...
I played the game in 1024 but I finished it :( :(
Great game.. but short... I wait for the Part 2 :)

Dragonbud - nice video card....
ya, they did come with a newer realease of 28.32 that have the refresh rate support.

check out guru3d.com with the latest new and leaked drivers.

I had the same probs with AVPD2 and mohaa getting choppy with 28.32; reinstalled with the newer version and no probs. Now my system is rockin' with Jedi2.
the new drivers Works great on my gf2mx400 too.

ares: thx