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Molex and Motherboard Fan Connections

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Senior Member
Apr 21, 2001
For Delta 38s, is it possible to connect it directly to the PSU but wire the tachyometer to the motherboard so I can still know the fan RPMs?
There was one guy who did that about a month ago and he said it worked great. I cant remember who it was though.
"dimmreaper" (aka Jeff) turned me on to this one....

If you look at the back of the 3 pin plug, there are three slots where the metal connectors are. Take a small screwdriver, and push it gently into the slots where the black (and then red) wire is, and pull the wire out of the plug. You are pushing down a small retaining tab on the metal connector...it doesn't need much of a push to go. Leave the blue (or yellow, depends on your fan) in the plug.

You should now have two loose wires (red and black), and the third wire (blue or yellow) still in the plug. Take an open 4 pin plug coming out of your PSU. You are going to insert the loose wires from the fan into the ends of the connectors in the computer's PSU plug. Insert the RED wire from the fan into the YELLOW wire from the PSU plug, and the BLACK wire into either of the BLACK wires in the PSU plug. (I left a space between the two, but either will do)

Plug the third blue/yellow wire (still attached to the fan plug) into the motherboard fan socket..

There....your fan is now running off of the 12v lead from the PSU, and you have monitoring capibilities, too.

Thanks again, Jeff....this is a great tip! Happy to pass it along......

Mr B
Yes! I needed that info.

I short circuited accidentally 12 V connectors of my mb week ago. They don't work anymore so all the fans get their power from PSU. Of course I lost the possibily to follow if fans function or not (I wouldn't necessarily hear if one would go off).

I did the mod last night and everything is better than ever. (Except the noise - I can't anymore lower the front fan's voltage because the PSU I'm using now has more efficient fan than previous - want to keep both fans about equal.)