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molex to 3-pin converter!!!

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Mar 27, 2001
Hey guys. I got a dilemma. I'm trying to put my beast together :) , BUT i can't find a molex to 3-pin converter in this frigging city I live in :( . See...what I'm trying to do is connect my video card fan to Header 1 in my Abit KT7A-R mobo (Since you already know a fan is needed to be connected to header 1 in order for this mobo to bootup). I don't want to connect my vantec fan connector to header 1 cuz it might burn the header . Any tips or advice on this guys ?

If your video card has a molex on it <thats what im infering from what you wrote> it wont help, i believe the board requires an RPM signal to function, you could get a molex Y and splice the power and ground for your vantec fan into it and just plug in the 3 prong connector with the RPM signal lead only connected, then you wont be pulling voltage but the MB will still see an RPM signal allowing you to boot
Can I just connect the vantec to header 1? or would that burn the header? That's my whole problem there :(, I'm not sure if I should connect the fan to the mobo. Have you guys connected this HSF/FAN to header 1 w/o problems? or should I connect the fan to the power supply?

Also, Can I connect a 4 pin connector into the header 1 (3pin)? is it possible?

Is the fan on your Vantec a Delta? I havent heard of fans other than Deltas that need to be adapted to a 4 pin connector. I have run my 27 CFM YS Tech from the fan header since I got my KT7A Raid in February and my board has been OK until now.... if you're looking for a different fix for this, BIOS version wz110b has an option for disabling that fan protection thing. See the KT7 FAQ (not sure of a URL since it's been relocated)

Hey sickboy, I bought the vantec and it has the stock fan, (I haven't done any modifications to it). Is that a Delta fan(stock)? so.... since I have the stock fan, Can I connect the fan connector to the header w/o burning it? I don't wanna screw up and burn that frigging header :(

Do you know the model of the HSF assembly? I don't think vantec equiped any of their standard models with delta fans, if you pull the fan off and look at its label you should be able to find its current draw rated in amps i believe, and your board manual should have the same information, if its a lower current than your motherboard supplies to the fan header its fine, if it requires more current you should not plug it in
you can plug the fan into the fan header long enough to boot into the bios to disable the option assuming your bios version has it. It won't hurt any thing even if it is a delta if only left on for a short period of time.
Hey guys. This is what I found about the vantec.

The Vantec FCE-62540D

Extruded Aluminum design
Delta 60x60x25mm fan
12V, 0.48A, RPM monitor
HS Dimensions: 80x61x70mm
Comes with AK-100 thermal compound
Pass-thru cable supplied
Made by: Vantec

What do you think ? Should I go ahead and plug it in to the header?

Attn:Big Mke

I couldn't find anything on the manual that relates to current.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for the help folks.

Ok thanks guys. I'll go ahead and plug it to H1.

Thanks da whip.