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Monitor high pitch sound on standby ?

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Aug 14, 2014
So as title says, my Acer H223HQ has started making a high pitch sound when it's on standby, starts a few minutes after turning the computer off almost inaudible and raises up to a certain point not too loud but decidedly annoying as background noise. He's connected by HDMI and i don't use the in-built speaker (volume turned to zero), haven't tried any other cables because i don't have any spare atm. Turning it off doesn't help and the noise only disappears when i unplug the power cable from the wall. Would you think this is age starting to show (he's 6yo-7yo) or is there another way around this ?


Coil whine? The only monitor repair I've done was to replace the caps on a power supply board. (monitor is 10 years old now and still going strong). If you unplug it and push the power button to discharge everything, does it start making the noise again when you plug it back in but leave it turned off?
Ok, i held the power button for ~30s, seemed to reduce it somewhat but didn't stop it completely. Will try again tonight (computer is always on until i go to bed and even then sometimes...).
Age I would think unlikely, unless cheap make, but perhaps something has changed position, or expanded, shrunk etc. (due to temperature for example)? In which case moving it or relaxing or tightening the screws might help.
If you get to the point of replacing it, you may as well open 'er up and have a look see. Not everything provides a visual clue, but caps, burnt resistors, discoloration of the PCB adjacent to a component, all are easy to spot. The monitor I fixed took less than $5 worth of capacitors and some light soldering. If you turn it on with the guts exposed, don't look directly from at the exposed components, stay to the side in case it's one of those little metal caps getting ready to turn in to a Roman candle. LOL
:rofl: Yep seems im gonna have to crack it open. Next weekend hobby, ill update this when i do ;)
Interesting update, the noise is only there when the HDMI cable is plugged in ?
You could try a different HDMI cable I guess. I would also try connecting it to a different computer in case the HDMI port on the computer is the problem.