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Monitor is dying need help

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Jan 6, 2001
Palo, Iowa
i have a Princeton 2010 21" monitor and the problem is that when i'm using it it fades to black and i have to smack it to get it to work again and sometimes it doesn't come back on for a while. any way to fix this thanks
I have an easy fix for ya....

Get a Replacement. :)

I do not reccomend working on a monitor, either RMA it, or replace it...
heh, i had the same problem as you. one way i fixed it was reducing the the refresh rate. if that doesnt work, try checking your vid card.
If punching your monitor seems to help, have you thought about putting something in your hand before you swing? Maybe you're just not applying the right kind of blow. Start by wrapping your fist around a roll of quarters the next time your monitor gives you any ****. If that doesn't work, start keeping a hunk of galvanized pipe next to your desk. Show it who the boss is.

Or hit the yellow pages and see if anyone in your area does monitor diagnostics and repair. If this isn't a picture tube heading south (and it sounds like it well could be) it might be repairable for a lot less than buying a new 21".

thanks for all the help i will try the refresh rate and if that don't work going to see if somebody in town can repair it.
Usually a monitor that starts going bad and comes back by banging it is beyond help. My advice is to get a new monitor. Awhile back I had a similar situation and looked into getting it repaired. The price tag was 80% of the cost of a new monitor. Most repair shops charge a flat rate and it's a big one.