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monitor out of dumpster question

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aero red baron

Jul 6, 2002
San Luis Obispo
Alright, right now my moniter is the 13" magnavox from 1994 or something older I found at a garage sale for $5. the problem, aside from size, is that it only supports 480X600 res.

So one day while taking out the trash, there in the dumpster was a monitor. It looked old as well but why not. The problem was when I took it out, a little bit of water came out of it.

So my question is, if I plug it in to everything and try to run it, if it frys, will my vid card be in the mix to fry as well? Thoughts, suggestions?


Aug 8, 2002
I doubt that it'll flow backward and fry your videocard. It can however if the water drips down to where the crt connects to your videocard. If water came out of the monitor, why even try to salvage it? I mean someone must have been either really ****ed, didn't care about it, or it's just plain out busted. Oh well I guess it's worth a try huh? Why don't you plug it in to an outlet and just turn on the monitor? :D anyway hope you get a free monitorr!


Dec 24, 2001
could just plug it up in a safe enviroment like a garage.some old ones give a test screen even when no pc is attached.

also if its a dud ive robbed heat sinks out of one before also.made a great slotA hs for my tbird :D


Red Raccoon Dojo
Mar 1, 2002
If you do take it apart, don't go slobering all over everything inside. It could still pack a hefty punch in those capacitors.


Senior Lighting Designer
May 2, 2001
Yea do be careful of those Caps they have enough electricity to kill a man if you don't know what your doing. Watch out especially for the big ones in the flyback they pack the most punch. Even if the monitor is unpluged it could still take several weeks for the caps to totally drain all their electricity. if you gonna fool around with those I recommend discharging them first. You can do this by taking a screw driver with a large PLASTIC handle and attaching a wire to it then putting the other end of the wire in the ground of a wall socket. Then just touch the screwdriver to the top and/or bottom of the cap.
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Captain Slug

Helpful Senior Member
May 23, 2001
Asteroid B-612
Plug it in without a PC and see if the indicator light even comes on. The screen will turn on for a few seconds creating a large amount of static.

That or it will shoot out some flames or smoke or something... :D


Jun 20, 2002
Quebec, Canada
I've salvaged a few monitors. One of them had been soaked, and my approach was to first open the casing to see if there was any visable damager (scorch marks) then I left it near my wood stove for a few days to get dried out. Then I took it out to my garage, turned it on, then pluged it in from a distance using an extention cord. I saw the screen flash a couple times, and after a couple minutes with no fireballs, I decided it was safe to test on my OLDEST computer (still in the garage). When that didn't result in any damage to myself or garage, I figured it was safe enough to take into my office to think about using. It's still sitting there a year later waiting for me to find a use for it (which will happen as soon as I get a bigger desk and a PCI vid card. Then it'll be tripple monitors on my main rig