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Monitor problem....

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Jun 3, 2002
My 19" KDS VS-195e has been a GREAT monitor for 2 or 3 years now, but recently it's been doing something strange. The best way to describe it would be...the screen briefly twitches. It does this at all resolutions and refresh rates, and started about a month ago. First it was really rare, like once every day or two, but now it has become more frequent. Is this a sign that my monitor is dying?

In addition to that, the screen also slightly darkens when the image twitches; could it be that the power supply is dying? Any advice would be much appreciated..
unfortunately thats what it sounds like to me, although have you tried degaussing it lately? i suppose it might be your vid card too.. (although not likely) is it overclocked?
I degauss my monitor almost daily, so that can't be it...and my GF3 isn't overclocked. Is a monitor power supply replacement expensive? A new 19" monitor with the picture quality of this one costs at least 200 bucks
I had a similar problem with another 19" monitor. It was about a year old when it started to "twitch." It lasted another 2 years with increasing frequency of "twitches." Finally, I couldn't stand it any more and bought a new one. I also found out that repair of a monitor was usually not economical. The repair shops in my area used a flat charge of $160 (at the time) to repair it. I was able to replace the monitor with a better 19" for about $225, so that is what I did.
If you got a nice long warrenty on it when you bought it, you might be able to take it back to where you got it. Might as well try.