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Monitor slow to recognize ps4 hdmi signal.

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Jul 7, 2013
So my monitor set up is basically a dual monitor setup with the secondary also being hooked to an hdmi switch that is connected to a ps3 and a ps4.

The problem is that the monitor has a problem recognizing the ps4.

The monitor in question is hooked up to my 7850 via vga to dvi dongle. That works fine and has no problem. I then use a dvi to hdmi cable to connect to the hdmi switch input. I haven't had a problem with the ps3 on it yet. However, when I use my ps4 it will be a black screen until I mess around with it switching the hdmi on a different port then back to that one and turning then monitor on and off. It's worth noting that I used to use a budget hdmi cable and it would say signal out of range. I then switched to the cable provided with the ps4 and it does not give me that message anymore. In either case, after switching things and turning stuff on and off it eventually works until I turn the ps4 off and have to go through the process again. The problem doesn't occur when hooking the ps4 directly to a monitor.

The monitor is a viewsonic 24 inch.


Water Cooled Moderator
Oct 14, 2007
Sounds like the cable lengths plus the switcher are introducing too much resistance in the line, causing the PS4's HDMI signal to weaken enough that it's not properly initializing the monitor. Fiddling with it changes the line resistance enough that it eventually gets going. Once you turn it off and back on though and the line is stationary, it again has trouble making the push.

Basically the signal amplifier on the PS4 seems to be weaker than the PS3 (which you said has no issues). I'm sure it was a cost cutting measure, and if you contact Sony about it they'll just say since you're hooking it up indirectly it's your problem. :p