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more brass and copper exploits

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Feb 20, 2002
Just to go along with my cpuwater block, I am finishing up my nbwaterblock

here is where I'm at


here is where I was yesterday


and I hope it ends up as nice as this one did


You messed up the image tags, plus if I go to paste them in, earthlink says that the page cannot be found.

NM looks like you fixed it. That block looks sweet. What the top made out of? Have any shots before the lids were put on?
nice man! whats the insides like? what did you use to make it?
maskedgeek said:
nice man! whats the insides like? what did you use to make it?

this will give you and idea


the W (or M) maze really photographed weird (flash) but what looks like white is actually the channels. I don't think there is any real benefit in the maze on a nb, just did it because it was the easiest way to get flow and have the in-out where I want them.
The chiller really is what make the difference in my stable OCing.
cool, i just made a few chipset blocks, and i just milled out a squair, itll give highest flow and for a chipset it wont matter, im sure itll perform good on a cpu even
how about bronze? i play drums and i notice all cymbols are made out of an alloy of various parts bronze, copper and/or brass. sure would make a colorfull block. i guess i could just searh the net huh?