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More Confusion. Please help clear it up for me and others

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Jan 8, 2001
Ok if you look at this http://www.overclockers.com/tips519 it say that the sk6 with delta 38 cfm on it out cools the rest. But it was tested with its best fan and the others were not. Like take the Swiftech MC462 it had its piece of crap Sanyo Denki Fan on it. Why was it not tested with say a Delta Ultra High Speed 68Cfm fan on it. So with that fan will it out cool the sk6 or not. Please some one out there test the MC462 from swiftech with a good fan and compare it to the sk6 from thermalright. Do the Swiftech some justice please. Plus i have Arctic Silver 2 and was wondering if the sk6 still out preforms the Swifteck MC462 where can i get it with out that piece of crap thermal pad on it.
Both HSF's are very close as with the Gladiator and a few other new HSF's which one is better is not really that critical as long as you have one to keep your overclocked CPU cooler. I have heard people argue about which is better and many people have done test and it all depend's on who has done the test because they all come up with different numbers using the same fan ect ect. get a good one lapp it if it needs it and enjoy :) Oh and if you dont like the thermal pad take it off, it really does not matter if it comes with one or not.
hoot has some measurments of it. Most people don't use the 462 with that delta on it as they don't sell it that way anymore. I believe the Swifttech is by far the king with that fan on it.
Goku (Jul 28, 2001 07:16 p.m.):
but the pads dont come off all the way do they. this web site says it doesn't, am i being mislead. that web site is http://www.arcticsilver.com/thermal_interface_basics.htm

Interesting article, I see what you mean by the material being permenant. I presume that lapping the HS would cure this problem. That way the valley's and troughs would be levelled out and clean metal exposed. Ready for application with compound of your choice.
so what exactly is lapping the heatsink. do you mean sand it down some with a fine grit sandpaper
You got it.

Basically, the process usually involves a series of increasing grit sandpaper. If the surface seems relatively smooth you can start out with a very fine sandpaper (otherwise you'll just gouge the surface) and just work your way up from there. The best technique is to work in a circular motion without applying a lot of force. You're more or less letting the sandpaper do all the work.

Between grits clean the surface pretty thoroughly to remove excess particles and keep going. Eventually, you'll end up with a near perfectly flat surface. Now just polish it to a mirror shine and you're done.

Goku (Jul 28, 2001 11:59 p.m.):
so what exactly is lapping the heatsink. do you mean sand it down some with a fine grit sandpaper
wow thanks a lot for all the help. and a great thanks to 13oots2 for that great link. Wow overclockers.com is truely heaven on earth. Once again thanks a lot.
One other thing the web site that 13oots2 the guy sanded the cpu heat slug that can not be done on an amd can it? As far as I know doing that will kill it right?
Yea, good article13oots2.
But I too would shy away from lapping the processor. I really doubt that that part of the process contributed much to the overall gain.
The major factor was the really poor heatsink area.
If you did lap the cpu, and again, I wouldn't, then you would also erase the serial # and other info on the die...that would not be good if you ever wanted to sell the thing, or ever wanted to be sure what it is/was!!
but what i am saying is on slots you have a heatsulg and on the sockets you have a cpu die the're diff. so if you lap a die won't it kill the cpu.
Well first the AMD die is thinner then Intel so if you go to lapp a AMD die your making a thin breakable CPU even thinner and more easy to break, even lapping an Intel die can be risky and many people have destroyed there CPU's trying, ive lapped mine with 1500 and I was lucky but I still would not recommend it. Heres the thing no matter how you look at it it is still gambling and if you win the payoff is not big enough to warrant doing it.
I have decieded to lapp my heatsink. So would it be wise for me to use black marker on the bottem of the heatsink so i can see when it gets flat. so i know when to stop sanding down and start using the finer grain sandpaper.