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More Email Team Recruiting

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Senior Seti Addict
Jan 15, 2001
Denver, CO
Got this in my box today:


It appears that you were one of the original people to join the SETI effort
and that you are still active in the program. I was unable to determine if
you are affiliated with any team (other than yourself) and wondered if you
would like to join my rather aggressive (competitively) team which has 215
members and has completed about 444,000 work units so far? If you are
already so affiliated please disregard this message as I believe recruiting
from other teams is inappropriate and less than collegiate.

While our team is listed in the 'small business' category, we are actually a
group of people with varied interests, (about a third of whom happen to
enjoy motorcycling for example), affiliated otherwise only by our mutual
desire to support the SETI project.

Joining a team does not in any way diminish your 'identity' or your credits
for completed work units. They ALWAYS remain yours. However, when you join
a group your completed work units total is ALSO credited to the team.
Similarly, if you quit a team your completed work units total is taken away
from the team. Your individual totals ALWAYS remain with you regardless of
membership or not.

People join groups for several reasons. The most common is because they
identify with that group - for example, their employer. We have found
another valid reason for joining a group - to obtain communications
advantage through status reports and personalized help from the group
members. Groups (teams) help the SETI effort because they subtly encourage
competition. That competition tends to drive overall production up.

Our team has no axe to grind - there are no diverting agendas here. We are
not into Microsoft bashing, anti-smoking, satanic games, or nationalism.
Such agendas, we feel, divert the attention of a team's members away from
the point of all this effort - to apply our resources to the scientific
analysis of radio data to find indications of intelligence out there.

You may see our statistics and join us via:
http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_34589.html (Just click on
'Join' under 'Master Strategy Group' to join the team.)

If you would rather not join us that's fine. I appreciate your


James R. Davis - KC5DWS
The Master Strategy Group
What I think is really sad about this kind of stupid spamming is that is is formatted just like a lot of regular spam I get. I get emails talking about "I just saw your site and noticed you do not show up in the major search engines...let my company help you get more customers" type crap. I mean, my company is well listed in all major search engines and we get crawled all the time by their spiders as is shown in our logs.

Blatant stupidity does not earn my respect or time...except to send a "special reply"! ;)

I know any of the old threads where I posted when I was still on the old "@home" won't work but the link in my current profile should be OK.

It should be this:


Let me know if this is not working for you.

Kewl...I'm going to make a new composite with some better pics I took today and showing the new desk and 16port switch. :)

Fortunately electricity is cheap here in Kentucky...our bill runs from $75 at a high down to maybe $45 as a low depending hwo much AC we run and other stuff. We have GAS for heat/waterheater/stove.

Glad you liked the name...LOL. ;)

Here is a pic of me that is recent:


My wife likes having her own system so I don't have it spread all over the kitchen table any more. She also likes the printer server/cdrw server/scanner server and cable net access. :D