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More fans in a Lian-Li PC-65

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Aug 29, 2002
Wash., USA, Earth, Milky Way
I need to add more cooling to my case. I dont want to go over 50db if i can help it with the fans. Here is what I have right now;

Front: 2 80mm 50cfm (Intake)
Back: 1 80mm 50cfm (Outtake)
Top: 1 80mm 50cfm (Outtake)

Here is what I am thinking about doing;

Front: Staying the same
Back: Adding another 80mm (Outtake)
Top: Adding a 120mm 126cfm (Intake)
Side: Upgrading to a 120mm 126cfm (Outtake)

Do you think this will work? Or is there something that I should change?




Addicted Tweaker
Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
I would add the 120mm on top as exhaust, and the side 120mm as intake. this will provide your slots and CPU with the cooler air directly. If you put the 120mm on top as intake, those air would have to travel thru the drives, ram, and lastly to your CPU and slots, and the air won't be as cool as the 120mm intake;)


Mar 23, 2002
Brantford,Ont, Can

I have the PC-65 also, I have the two stock fans in the front on low, have a 120mm @7V on top for exhaust and a [email protected] modded into the window on the side for intake. Have 1-80mm in the spot on the back of the case also @7V. My temps stay like about 22C case and 29C proc. with an ambient of 19C and isnt noisy at all. I hear a little fan noise from the 80mm fan on the AX-7 H/S, its a sunon 50cfm @ 12V.:burn: