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more PPD from my dual six core

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Dec 31, 2015
I'm thinking app settings. Nothing running in the OS to cause an issue.
Ok, I can't be of much help there, I been out of folding for a few years and I'm sure things have changed. However if your just cpu folding I would dump xubuntu for a linux server OS (no gui) or just removed/disable the gui. You will not see a big jump in PPD, but you will revive higher PPD none the less. Back when I was folding it was like 50-100 PPD higher if I recall right.


Premium Member
Dec 6, 2010
Ok, so I have a dual 2435 Opteron system (CPU) folding in xubuntu 14.04 -- what settings should I use to get the most PPD?

client-type advanced or beta
max-packet-size big

You won't be able to do bigadv with 12 cores.