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More stability with less voltage? can anyone explain please.

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New Member
Mar 25, 2018

so i would like to start off with that im completly new to this, and i recently built my first gaming/workstation rig ever. very happy how it turned out, even though i literally spent a whole day building the system.

However, back to the question. I wanted to try overclocking, to see what my GPU could do. So i began and ended up with these configs working properly on heaven benchmark.

Power limit 116%
Voltage 100% (altough it capped itself at 1.094 or something like that)
Core clock 170mhz
Memory clock 600mhz
temp manually set to 80C ( I assume it starts throttling if it goes beyond this ? cus thats why i set 80 as max)

(voltage at 100% because i asked in a forum, and i got replies saying the card is locked at max voltage in BIOS so it doesnt matter if its max, it wont fry itself)

With this i was able to run heaven benchmark without issues at 78.1 fps average and a score of 1988. So then i tried 3DMark firestrike and it basically just shut off several times. So i found out that the OC was unstable after trying to run on stock speed (which worked), so i turned the core clock down to 160mhz, still crashed. Then i found a post somewhere, stating 5% voltage is what worked, so then i tried 5% voltage, although i still dont know what voltage does. Turns out it worked. ran the benchmark without issues. went from 10508 in score to 11515, quite a nice boost.

But what really does voltage do is what im after? why would the benchmark work for 5% voltage and not 100% voltage. Straight theoretically speaking, more Voltage = More power. but i have no idea what it does in GPU's. Could anyone enlighten me?

PC specs for anyone wondering:
Asus geforce gtx 1060 3gb dual OC
ryzen 1600 with 360mm AIO
asus rog strix b350-f gaming
ballistix sport 2x4gb 2666mhz
EVGA 550w 80+ bronze PSU

*I have not started OC on cpu at all. Its barely being used while gaming and sitting at 32 degrees celsius, so no point to OC at all.**

¨Thanks for answers in advance
It was likely hitting a power limit and tbrottling as well as not being stable in the other test. That is the game you have to play, highest clocks and voltage without hitting tbe power limit.