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more voltage on fans??

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ReFuGee DaWG

Dec 26, 2000
i got 2 questions....
(1) i have a socket A hs/f i wanna put on my geforce256 to o/c...
how can i make the fan have more RPMs?? i know i have to add more voltage to it..... but how do i do this..???


(2) anyone know what the volts on the yellow/blk/blk/red
power-hook-ups are??? (the power that goes from ps to hd/cd/ect)

ReFuGee DaWG

"Don't mistaken my stupidity for ignorance, or is it vice-versa?" :p
yellow= +12V
black= common ground
black= common ground
red= +5V

I think a low power high frequency capacitor hook up to a transformer coil will make a higher DC voltage. As for how big of a capacitor, and how big of transforme, I'm not sure. Find a book on basic electronics, they are full of forumlas for calculating that kind of stuff. Hope this helps
One more thing:

Most fans are built with a 13.8V maximum design tolerance, so keep 'em under 14V for sure.
well see.... i tested it on two 9v batteries.... goes FAST.. (but not like ZOOOOM) ;)

can i hook it up like this.....

|------------|----------wire-------------------- (+) yellow+red
| FAN |
|_______|---------------wire--------------- (-) black
Spend some cash on a better Heatsink/fan combo, instead of knackering your system by shorting out the system. If the Sink is rubbish, running the fan faster wont help.
what i want to do is put my old hs/f that came with my tbird800 (socketA)
on my geforce256 for better o/c.........
Don't, ever hook the yellow and red wires together with out some sort of resistance between them (i.e. a fan)!